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The Value of Justification

“The doctrine of justification diffuses itself through the whole body of divinity, and if the foundation here is well laid, the whole building will be the more solid and grand; whereas a bad foundation or superstructure threatens a dreadful ruin. The pious Picardians, as they were called in Bohemia and Moravia [i.e., the churches of which John Huss was the most prominent example], valued this article at its true price when in their confession of faith, Art. vi. speaking of justification, they thus write: ‘this sixth article is accounted with us the most principal of all, as being the sum of all Christianity and piety. Wherefore our divines teach and handle it with all diligence and application, and endeavor to instill it into all.’”

Oeconomia II.viii.1
Quoted from the wonderful (though now defunct) Johannes Weslianus


Witsius Omnibus

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Witsius on Soteriology
Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey’s blog Patrick’s Pensees has a wealth of material, and a lot on our friend Herman. Check out especially his work on the atonement!

On Preaching Law and Gospel
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