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Economy of the Covenants
Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4

Apostle’s Creed
Volume 1 | Volume 2

Sacred Dissertations on the Lord’s Prayer

Irenic Animadversions

On the Character of a True Theologian
Published in The Biblical Repertory on p. 158, and p. 162 in your PDF reader.

“Was Moses the Author of the Pentateuch?” (.pdf or full text) from Witsius’ AEgyptica

The Efficacy and Utility of Baptism in Elect Infants of Covenant Parents (translation and introduction by Dr. J. Mark Beach)

J. Mark Beach “The Doctrine of the Pactum Salutis in the Covenant Theology of Herman Witsius” link | download

J. V. Fesko “Calvin and Witsius on the Mosaic Covenant” from The Law is Not of Faith

R.A. Muller “The Covenant of Works and the Stability of Divine Law in Seventeenth Century Reformed Orthodoxy: A Study in the Theology of Herman Witsius and Wilhemus À BrakelCalvin Theological Journal (1994)

Witsius Resources at the Post-Reformation Digital Library Page