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HermanwitsiusHerman Witsius (1636 – 1708), Dutch pastor and theologian, was born at Enkhuisen, North Holland, and studied at Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. He was ordained to the ministry, becoming pastor at Westwoud in 1656 and afterwards at Wormeren, Goesen, and Leeuwaarden, and became professor of divinity successively at the University of Franeker in 1675 and then at the University of Utrecht in 1680. In 1698 he went to the University of Leiden, where he died.

Witsius made important contributions to both pastoral practice and systematic theology, especially covenant theology. In these aspects, he is a distinguished representative of Dutch Reformed theology during the Nadere Reformatie, writing at the end of High Orthodoxy. Witsius wrote and preached with clarity and precision, yet never divorced these from a pastoral zeal and gracious heart. It is hoped that at this site all of these attributes of Witsius will be discovered afresh.

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